Celebrating Posada with Five Traditional Foods using CHILE CRUNCH®

Celebrating Posada with Five Traditional Foods using CHILE CRUNCH®

Here’s some new twists on some traditional Mexican 
favorites using CHILE CRUNCH to add crunch, heat, & spice.

The holiday season in Mexico brings vibrant traditions of Pido Posadas – or Posadas. It’s a celebration blending culture, community, and delicious food. To pay tribute, let’s infuse a touch of innovation into five traditional recipes? But first, enter CHILE CRUNCH – the authentic spicy, crunchy condiment I created over a decade ago.

The Posada Season takes place from December 16-24 and symbolizes the journey of Mary and Joseph searching for a place to stay. In nine days, it represents the nine-month pregnancy of Mary and has been a Mexican tradition for over 400 years.

Amidst festive gatherings, prayers, and piñatas, food plays a central role. Let's explore how my versatile condiment will infuse new life into five classic Posada recipes.

Ensalada de Nochebuena

This colorful dish, which translates to ‘Christmas Eve’ salad, has a contemporary twist. It’s traditionally made with beets and lettuce. But it can contain other bright fruits. You’ll find CHILE CRUNCH accentuates sweet and savory notes and a crunchy texture.

Pozole with a fiery crunch

This hearty Mexican soup will take on a new dimension with CHILE CRUNCH. Rich broth, tender hominy, and succulent meat will become more flavorful. Its spicy kick and delightful crunch complement the stew, giving each spoonful a tantalizing twist. 

Visit Pozole recipe here!

Tamales reimagined & energized

Tamales, a staple of Mexican cuisine during the holidays, are a canvas for innovation. It’s made of masa, or corn-based dough – steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf. Infuse the masa with CHILE CRUNCH for a burst of flavor. Whether filled with savory meats or veggies, CHILE CRUNCH with tamales will surprise and delight.

Sizzling fajitas con CHILE CRUNCH

Elevate fajitas with CHILE CRUNCH. Be it steak, chicken, or veggies, the sizzle of the hot skillet paired with the fiery, crunchy essence will create a sensory experience worth celebrating. Wrapped in warm tortillas with vibrant toppings for a festive meal.

A Posada wouldn’t be complete without desserts. Consider adding CHILE CRUNCH to sweet treats like churros or even Mexican hot chocolate for a surprising kick. The combination of sweetness and heat creates a nice finale to your Posada feast.

Buñuelos for party people

These are the ultimate Posada party dessert. They are crispy, paper-thin sheets of deep-fried dough that are drizzled in syrup or covered in cinnamon sugar. Use CHILE CRUNCH as a dipping or drizzle to enhance the experience.

Not just a condiment

Indeed, my concoction unites Mayan, Aztec, Mexican and even European cuisine. I created CHILE CRUNCH to bring exciting flavors and some heat to every dish. Its versatility allows it to complement a wide array of flavors without overpowering the essence of traditional Mexican cuisine.

As you prepare for Posadas this year, consider incorporating CHILE CRUNCH into your recipes. This innovative twist will not only add heat and crunch but also a sense of modernity to the cherished dishes that have been passed down through generations.

Posadas are a time for coming together

Celebrate heritage and create new memories. Even if you’ve never heard of, or celebrated it before, why not try it this year with friends and family? With CHILE CRUNCH by your side embrace the warmth of Posada with some extra heat, flavor, and crunch. And unite to create an unforgettable culinary experience that pays homage to tradition with a modern twist.


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