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In Search of a Universal Spicy Condiment

HOW CHILE CRUNCH WAS BORN It’s 3 pm. Prime time for a snack break. You want to be healthy. But you don’t want to sacrifice on flavor. As you’re staring down a bag of baby carrot sticks and a pack of plain rice cakes, you wish you had something to spice things up. That’s where we come in.   A SPICY STAR! Like many inventions, Chile Crunch was born out of necessity...

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Chile Crunch Spicy Condiment Is For The Bold

Sometimes, we just want to enjoy an extra burst of heat, crunch, and flavor to enhance our meals – especially on summer days when spicy meals just taste better. So for those of us who love Mexican-style condiments, toppings, sauces or marinades, Chile Crunch spicy condiment will fill our palates with a unique blend of spices – onions, chiles, salt, garlic, canola oil among others. To put in other words, I now...

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