In Search of a Universal Spicy Condiment

In Search of a Universal Spicy Condiment

It’s 3 pm. Prime time for a snack break. You want to be healthy. But you don’t want to sacrifice on flavor. As you’re staring down a bag of baby carrot sticks and a pack of plain rice cakes, you wish you had something to spice things up. That’s where we come in.


Like many inventions, Chile Crunch was born out of necessity and desire. I missed the flavors of my native Mexico and wanted to bring them into my new American life and kitchen. I wanted to infuse the smoky, hot, crunchy spirit of my home into a single bite.

My experiments led to a lovingly sauteed concoction that captures Mexico’s diverse Aztec, Mayan, Spanish, and French heritage of spices and chiles, combined with a nutty, crispy layer of onions and garlic that cut the heat and add rich texture.

Chile Crunch Spicy Condiment Tacos Al Pastor

Before I knew it, I had created a dish that defied any single category. It works on everything from huevos rancheros, to pepperoni pizza, to chicken soup, to Greek yogurt, to glazed donuts! Is it a tapenade? A dressing? A salsa?


Chile Crunch is more than a jar of home-made deliciousness. It’s a universal condiment that transcends cuisine. For me, it carries the magic and comfort of home by hitting on an essential blend of roasted chiles, garlic, onion, herbs, and spices that appeals to numerous palates and plates. And for my customers, it packs a zing into every mouthful.

Some are even known to eat it straight from the jar...but I won’t name names.               


I know a lot of you are prepping and making meals at home more than ever. And here at Chile Crunch headquarters, we're getting more orders than ever. Because when you find something that elevates every dish and goes with anything from sushi to souffle, you want to have it on hand! As you experiment in the kitchen, share your recipes with us! We want to know what’s cooking.

Chile Crunch Spicy Condiment Gourmet Spice


If you have friends or family who are struggling to find their kitchen legs, surprise them with a jar of Chile Crunch. It’s an easy way to turn naked penne into arrabiata or make a grilled cheese that truly sizzles. Their mouths will thank you. Because whatever your level of culinary expertise (or lack thereof!), Chile Crunch is a great ally to every recipe.


My value system drove me to make a treat that was as healthful as it was tasty. That’s why Chile Crunch is all natural. Each jar is free of preservatives, MSG, and gluten. We use non-GMO canola oil to saute every batch, and we work in small batches to control quality. It’s vegetarian. It’s vegan. It’s a universal crowd-pleaser that makes for guilt-free nachos or barbecued ribs.


As long as you keep craving it, we’ll keep supplying it. Especially in this turbulent time, we want to be a source of continuity and care for our Chile Crunch family. And for our new customers, we only have one warning: this globally transcendent condiment is highly addictive. Some folks order it by the case! So you may want to make your first order a double.


From all of us at Chile Crunch, we wish you good health and happy eating.


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