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Mexican-Inspired Flavors

Our story begins in Mexico exploring the amazing regional cuisines, and ends with the creation of a unique hand-crafted delicacy.

My name is Susie, I founded Chile Crunch ten years ago. Having been raised in Mexico City, I was exposed to an incredible diversity of spices and chiles that were the base for many different types of dishes and salsas.

These flavor profiles vary from region to region, and are influenced by native (Aztec and Mayan) as well as European (Spanish and French) cuisines. The results are a mix of flavors that are simply magical!

We use only natural ingredients and always prepare Chile Crunch in small batches to ensure the highest quality product.

My passion for cooking inspired me to create this flavorful, Mexican-inspired condiment that makes everything taste better!

Susie Hojel Chile Crunch

Susie Hojel
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