My family recently discovered Chile Crunch, and we all LOVE it! We are big fans of hot sauce and Chile Crunch is wonderfully unique. Thank you for sharing it with the world, we are excited to try all of the flavors!


Sara, Kristin & Bob

One day while making a pot of homemade pinto beans I casually thought 'It would be good to have a drizzle of chili oil on top'. Popped in to the local Whole Foods and bought a jar. Dear God! What magic is this? How? Why? What wizardry created this delicacy? Cut to a pantry drawer devoted to Chili Crunch. We eat it on everything. Thank you!!


Jana M

I just opened my first jar of Chile Crunch ever, and holy crap it's freaking delicious!!!


Orion C

I am truly stunned by your ability to craft such unique products. They are the perfect balance of crispy and creamy, as well as indulgent and light, and the flavors are out of this world. Your condiments are the most perfect way to end my day.


Ulyana K

Denver-basedChile Crunch is made with Mexican chile de arbol and is one of the crispiest iterations around.

Press Review by Heather Platt


Just wanted express how much I love this product. Discovered it in Napa and have already gone through two jars in a week. Keep 'em coming, great job!



Chile Crunch is something I eat DAILY. I have tried many similar condiments and nothing is as perfect. I crave it! We can no longer eat mac & cheese without it. For Xmas all of our friends got Chile Crunch. They seemed puzzled until we made dinner for everyone and served Chile Crunch on the table.

Very Happy Customer!


WE LOVE CHILE CRUNCH!! I randomly picked up a jar at our local Whole Foods and have been addicted ever since. We are a family of serious home chefs (our kids have even been on televised cooking shows like 'Chopped") with an extensive cookbook collection and love of food. We put your product on everything from avocado toast to grilled fish. We have also given Chile Crunch to several friends and family members. Everyone agrees it is one of the best condiments out there. Thanks for making our miserable 2020 and this difficult shelter-in-place a little spicier.



What gives this sauce a leg up on Sriracha is texture. Creator Susie Hojel, a Mexico City native, toasts a mixture of roasted chilies, garlic, and onion, which are packed in canola oil. Each spoonful yields a crispy mix of spices along with heat and smoke. The peppers aren’t searing, which is only a negative when it comes to rationing; the last jar I brought to a barbecue was emptied in hours—light speed in condiment years—heaped on a hummus dip and potato salad, grilled steak and fish, or just swiped up with a baguette. So yes, it’s versatile.

Press Review by Anna Spiegel


I love this product so so much.



A Quarter-Sheet Pan Is the Key to Organizing Your Kitchen What Exactly Is A Flavor Station? Instead of rummaging around the pantry for the requisite salt, spices, and dressings, you have a tray right in front of you with everything you need. The point is to have the fats and seasonings you use every day at the ready, right near your cooking surface. Whatever you choose, try to follow this equation: 1 or 2 salts + 1 or 2 fats + 1 or 2 acids + 1 wild card. The salts and fats should vary between cooking and finishing ingredients—some should be great at high temps, while others should add a little zing to the final dish. The wild card should be a condiment you constantly reach for that doesn't need to be refrigerated, like honey or Chile Crunch.

Press Review by Lauren Joseph


We absolutely love Chile Crunch. We have ordered twice, 8 , and use it on almost everything we eat. Will be ordering more soon. Amazing how crunchy and flavorful the chips are with the perfectly spiced chile oil. Big fans!!



The most magical condiment on the planet. It’s just hot enough, garlicky but not overwhelming, and yes, it crunches. I order it by the case.

Press Review by Rachel Baker, ELLE senior features editor


I've been raving about Chile Crunch to everyone & they have been ordering it like crazy!



Chile Crunch - The Condiment Seeking Heat

Susie Hojel has a hard time categorizing her irresistible invention, which was inspired by a salsa she used to purchase in her native Mexico City. Made in Park City, Utah, where she now resides, her spicy blend of dried chile de árbol, garlic and onions—carefully crisped then hot-packed in canola oil—is best described as a crunchy sauce or tapenade. Serve the condiment with grilled meat or fish, or place a teaspoon atop a mound of fresh ricotta. There's not much Chile Crunch doesn't improve upon, including guacamole, artichoke dip, hummus, pasta, stir-fries and scrambled eggs. Ms. Hojel's favorite trick is to mix her creation with "a little olive oil, grated Parmesan, a splash of balsamic vinegar and some chopped parsley," she said, and serve it with a fresh baguette. Next on her agenda is a Mexican-style adobo marinade. $9,|

Press Review by Charlotte Druckman


My husband is over the moon with his Chile Crunch!! He's had it on steak, on salad, on a baguette, straight from the jar, with eggs... there's a whole new gastronomic world opening up for him. Thank you so much. Great service and a great product!



Here in the Foodzie kitchen, we call this stuff crack. We use it on everything! What You'll Love From the minute we opened our first jar of Chile Crunch, we knew we had something special. The aroma of perfectly toasted garlic, onion and (of course) arbol chiles had us on the hook with just one whiff. Smoky, crunchy and infused with just enough heat to make it interesting and not blow out our palates, it really does make everything better. When Susie Hojel, the owner of Chile Colonial, closed up shop temporarily to move the business from San Francisco to Park City, we stocked up on jars and rationed them until she was back up and running. Our eggs in the morning without Chile Crunch? Nope, not happening. Our lentil soup, pizza, roasted broccoli...all made better with Chile Crunch. To this day, a jar of Chile Crunch graces the table in the Foodzie kitchen at nearly every meal of the day

Press review by Emily, Chief Taster at Foodzie


Hi! I bought your product from Dean and Deluca when I was in the US recently. I am obsessed!!!! I eat it every day and now my jar is about to run out. Please tell me if there is any way I can get hold of Chile Crunch in the UK as I can’t live without it!!!



Chile crisp condiments go beyond Asia. Chile Crunch was created by a Mexico City-born cook who wanted to showcase Mexico’s most essential flavors. Comprised of roasted arbol chilies, garlic, onion, and spices sautéed in canola oil, this one has a more smoky flavor than Asian chile crisps. And, it’s exceptionally crunchy—all the experts agreed that Chile Crunch is among the crunchiest of them all. Try this one if you want layers of roasted flavor, extra crunch, and the perfect amount of spice.

Press Review by Tiffany Hopkins


FOOD FRONT BURNER Skip the Sprinkles, Try the Crushed Red Chiles Chile Crunch might look intimidating, but its heat is tempered with fried onions. Credit Tony Cenicola/The New York Times. A jar of crushed red chiles marinating in ruddy oil could not appear more lethal. But this condiment’s heat is tempered by sweetly smoky fried onions. It’s an alluring, oily and textured concoction devised by Susie Hojel, a native of Mexico City transplanted to Denver. It’s relatively new to New York, at Dean & DeLuca stores. Spoon it on almost anything off the grill but especially seafood. Let its bluster season some plain Greek yogurt, and for a touch of drama, consider a modest dollop on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. There’s also a mild version: Chile Crunch, $12.95 for eight ounces,

Press Review by Florence Fabricant


We've gone through five jars and the thought of being without is awful! Delicious, I plan meals around what I can eat this with! Thank you for a truly delicious product



Hollywood Producer Brian Grazer’s Most Valued Possessions ....On the shelf is Chile Crunch, a condiment. I get crates of it from the Meat & Cheese Restaurant & Farm Shop in Aspen. I like spices on my huevos rancheros.....

Press Review by Brian Grazer


Opened the jar of Chile Colonial last night (had an ice cold India Pale Ale at the ready, of course), mixed it in with some sharp Vermont Cheddar Cheese spread. Mixed thoroughly, inhaled the whole thing with San Francisco Sour Dough Baguette slices – the hard ones you buy in a big bag at Costco. I have one word:WOW!



You’ll Want to Put This Chile-Garlic Oil on Everything

This easy-to-make oil adds spice and crunch to lemony chicken cutlets. Melissa Clark can’t get enough of it. A current cult favorite, Chile Crunch, combines garlic, red-pepper flakes and oil, cooked slowly together until the garlic turns crisp and a little nutty in flavor, and the chile gets toasted and earthy. I went through most of my first jar in a civilized manner, dashing it on cooked proteins or crostini. But there were times I ate it nearly straight from a spoon, on top of a dab of cottage cheese to mitigate the mouth-searing heat.

Press Review by Melissa Clark


WOW I'm completely addicted!! The owner of 'Over the Moon' in Telluride turned me on to this 'crack' lol Crazy about it!! Thank you so much! Life is better with Chile Crunch =)




Must-have spicy condiments from Belize to China and everywhere in between The Crunchy (For When You Need More Texture) Chile Crunch: Like Lao Gan Ma, Chile Crunch is an oil-based condiment full of bits of crunchy fried chile, onion, and salt. But this brainchild of a Mexican cook who moved to America skips the MSG and soy beans in favor of a deeper, smokier chile flavor and subtler layers of spice.We’d say its warmer character is better attuned to Western-style dishes: think mac and cheese or the easiest pizza ever.

Press Review by Saveur Editors


This product is amazing I already reordered!



We're so obsessed with Susie Hojel's Chile Crunch that we order it by the case. Try a spoonful of the Mexican inspired crunchy, spicy sauce on scrambled eggs, tacos, pasta, or meat, and you'll purchase it in bulk too.

Press Review by Kiran Herbert and Callie Sumlin


Chile Crunch: A Condiment Obsession

Press Review


Chile Crunch, WoFair & Wine

Seems I have been talking often about new and fun products that I have discovered. This one ranks near the top on new and innovative things to eat, cook with and enjoy. Thanks to my friend Robyn Sullivan I was introduced to “Chile Crunch” a unique product that the name tells you lots. Is it a condiment, a marinade, a cooking ingredient, a salsa, a sandwich spread? YES it is!

Press Review by Guy