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Chile Crunch Spicy Condiment Is For The Bold

Sometimes, we just want to enjoy an extra burst of heat, crunch, and flavor to enhance our meals – especially on summer days when spicy meals just taste better.

So for those of us who love Mexican-style condiments, toppings, sauces or marinades, Chile Crunch spicy condiment will fill our palates with a unique blend of spices – onions, chiles, salt, garlic, canola oil among others.

To put in other words, I now invite you to be bold! To be adventurous! And to see if you can put your finger on exactly what this product is. A condiment? A marinade?  What about a topping or tapenade? Will you give it a taste and let me know what you think?


spicy condiment adds an extra dash of smokiness and crunchiness to our meals in a way that intensifies the original flavor and changes the bland taste of our meals. We can use this incredibly versatile product on a host of dishes – chicken broth, roasted vegetables, pizza, salsas, burgers, and tacos.

Just name the meal, Chile Crunch will add a burst of energy to it. You can never get it wrong with any meal throughout the day. And we're talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


In one taste, you'll see that Chile Crunch spicy condiment is a common ground for Aztec, Spanish, Mayan, and French influences. This rich Mexico-style product is packed with a delicious mix of heat, spice, smoke, and crunchiness. There is no end to the number of meals that we can add it to. It is a handy kitchen sauce that will quickly become your go-to meal enhancer with each passing day. 


Unlike many sauces that contain non-natural ingredients, Chile Crunch is 100% natural with zero preservatives. Also, it does not contain MSG and it is gluten-free. What's there not to love about this amazing product?! It's the ultimate package.

Chile Crunch comes in small batches and this displaces the worry of not finishing it on time. It's time to start eating healthy and at the same time enjoy recipe with your loved ones. This implies that we can bring my Mexico-style sauce right to the comfort of your home.


There, I said it! And OK, but I am also unapologetic about it. And I sincerely hope with just one taste, you'll quickly see how delicious and versatile this product is. It's how I formulated the recipe.

Remember, Chile Crunch spicy condiment is perfect for almost every meal – eggs, bread, pasta, tapenade, yogurt, ice-cream, burger, steak, chicken, pizza, and salsas.

Packed with a mix of delicious ingredients, I wish you try it on your favorite dish. Online ordering is easy! You can order from my website or from Amazon. Then see what happens. And do drop me a line also. From all of us at Chile Crunch, we wish you good health and happy eating.

xxoo, Susie

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